How Bullshit Grams Work


Bullshit Grams are THE BEST way to let Your favorite Bullshitter Know what the heck they did  or are doing, that they are busted, full of shit, outright liar, cheat, complete bs’er or to simple Stop the Bullshit going on in the office, at home, in the family or whatever!


The best part is, you can send them a eGram from you or anonymously from us, postcard in the mail, assign a ringtone for them, send a bulshit squirt video, pass out Bullshit Rocks, pins tie tacks and more!  Keep Bullshit Rocks+ on your desk or toss one on theirs !whatever Your reason is, whatever their game is,

       We’ve Got You covered!

Over 24 styles and lots of great options, So get Your Bullshit On!

Choose from BULLSHIT or BULL _ _ _ _! Gram

Select eGrams, Postcards, Bullshit Squirt Video, Ringtone and Your only source for Bullshit Rocks and more!

Just some of the reasons folks send out BULLSHIT GAMS are:


Cheating Spouses, Bad Co-workers, bosses, Liars, Cheaters of any sort, Friends and Family issues and much more.  

Thats why some like to send the Free eGrams themselves and most prefer WE SEND them so you remain anonymous.  (Like bosses and co-workers and such) 

It’s especially fun to watch them open the email or receive the postcard 

knowing you sent it,  but You get to watch their reaction…especially at the office!

Some other reasons are:

* They are completely Full of Shit.  All the time.  (call Bullshit on Bullshit)


* They have passed the Bullshit stage and progressed to outright lies and worse.


*Terrbile Boss or Employee (Stop The Bullshit) or Do Your Job!


* Enough  Bullshit Already.   Enough IS Enough!


Customize Our Bullshit Grams to whatever your Bullshitter is doing or
needs called out on!


Bullshit Grams may be sent  BY YOU via Email, Postcard, Video, or assign The Bullshit Ringtone to their number.


Bullshit Grams may also be SENT BY US …


The eGram is sent By Bullshit Gram to them and you are NEVER disclosed, but your message and text is Loud and Clear!


When You purchase the “eGram or Postcard Gift” We will send to Your Bullshitter  a One Time eGram (or) Postcard from Our Outgoing email: which You remain 100% Guaranteed Anonymous.


When Our email is opened, it looks like this:
Bullshit Gram
Bullshit Gram Special Delivery For You!


When the email is opened,  it says the words which you enter at checkout.


We place a   –   in place of vowels which are vulgar AND we  only send this one time to your Bullshitter.  We Never violate CAN-SPAM laws nor do we solicit anything to your receiver of the eGram.


We Guarantee 100% Anonymous status! satisfaction-guaranteed-logo